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We are the terminators
They are real, and you can do something about them
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling As I said in a recent episode of the podcast, I have spent many evenings in the pandemic watching old shows. HBO Max…
Dean Williams died in July of this year. He was 45 years old. His family and friends are hosting a celebration of life for him today. I wanted to…
This year, when my birthday rolled around, I opted not to write on the day itself. I re-read last year's post. I thought about simply writing "yes, and…
In the summer of 1987, Brood 10 of the 17-year cicadas hatched, crawled through the earth, and filled the air with their screams as they swarmed in…
The world is a little quieter today. Jon Appleton has died. He had just celebrated his 83rd birthday on January 4. I met Jon, or "Professor Appleton…
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